Storytelling in the digital age

Mar 2, 2020

Storytelling is a major buzzword in the marketing industry these days, and it is an aspect of promoting your business that you cannot afford to ignore. Rather than focusing your marketing efforts on promoting your products or services, the new busine...

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How A Minimum Viable Product Can Help You Test Your Next Big Business Idea

Feb 16, 2020

Have a great idea for a business? Wondering how to test out your product - without risking everything? If so, you might want to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) - a "version of a new product which allows a (development) team to collect ...

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Where to find your next key employee

Feb 2, 2020

If your business were a car, your key employees would be the engine. These are your superstars, the heavy hitters who apply their talents and skill sets in their positions and generate massive results every time. As most managers already know, how...

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Satisfaction vs Loyalty: How to turn customers into promoters

Jan 19, 2020

Maybe you've heard the value of word-of-mouth advertising; according to Nielsen ratings, 92% of consumers trust their friends' and family's recommendation over traditional advertising. That doesn't mean you can simply sit back and ass...

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5 minutes for Business - Economic Rewind: A Decade in Review from Canadian Chamber

Jan 14, 2020

Are you ready to rewind to the start of 2010? A time where your radio boasted the Black Eyed Peas and boot cut jeans were fashionable? Read more...

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Jan 14, 2020

Kelowna business mining-related activity includes: 100 companies/$23.5 million

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Marketing: You'll lose customers the same way you gain them

Jan 5, 2020

Marketing and advertising are only part of the equation when attracting new clients. Service is perhaps the single most important aspect of any business. If your business provides good service, but you are still losing clients, it is important to ide...

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Leadership in the workplace: David Aaker says we can be better people in business in 2020

Dec 22, 2019

David Aaker is well-known for his expertise in marketing and his ability to help businesses thrive and exceed their goals. His branding concepts, including identifying customer's interests and creating a community or story around those interests ...

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5 Minutes for Business - Sluggish Growth: The New Normal for Canada

Dec 20, 2019

“The resiliency of Canada’s economy will be increasingly tested as trade conflicts and uncertainty persists. We are not an island. We are in a good position to cope with whatever comes our way.” –Stephen Poloz, Governor of the...

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Your Quarterback Employee Needs an Offensive Line

Nov 25, 2019

Watching the Grey Cup this weekend got us thinking. Running a business or organization is sort of like a football team. Now hear us out… In football, it’s the quarterback (QB) who drives each play. However, the QB also has to watch ou...

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Economic Outlook Presentation with Helmut Pastrick

Nov 19, 2019

Presenter: Helmut Pastrick, Chief Economist, Central 1 Date: November 13, 2019 Location: Four Points Sheraton Kelowna Airport Download the PDF. ...

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5 Minutes for Business - The Shortest Decade: Addressing the Coming Climate Crunch

Nov 12, 2019

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been unequivocal: without significant action to limit global warming to a 1.5 degrees, humans will increasingly suffer from the effects of extreme weather events, disease and the...

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Hindsight: What Business Owners Wish They Would Have Done Differently

Nov 12, 2019

​ They say hindsight is 20-20. If you only would have known. As a business owner, you may already have a few things you wish you knew. Would you have hired that one person? Perhaps you would have started your company sooner. While it is importan...

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4 Essential Steps for Environmentally Friendly Businesses

Oct 28, 2019

Green initiatives in the workplace are not only great for the world we live in, but they can also be great for your profits by helping you identify ways to conserve resources and save money in the long-term. We asked Angela Nagy, a Kelowna Chamber...

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Your Official Kelowna Chamber All-Candidates Forum (and 2019 Federal Election) Primer!

Oct 8, 2019

Photo courtesy: Globe and Mail *UPDATED Oct 15, 2019** Well here we are. As quickly as the summer passed in the Okanagan this year, so too has the 2019 Federal Election crept up on us.  Sure, there's been plenty in the media about t...

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5 Minutes for Business - It’s still the economy, stupid.

Oct 7, 2019

For all of the talk about affordability this election season, it’s remarkable how little discussion there is amongst party leaders, candidates and the media about the most basic and effective way to create new jobs and wage growth as well as im...

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2019 Canadian Chamber AGM Wrap Up

Sep 30, 2019

Three days, 324 delegates, 76 policies, 35% of total policies from BC  On September 21-23, the Kelowna Chamber journeyed across the country to Saint John, New Brunswick, to represent policy resolutions developed with our members over the past...

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5 Minutes for Business - The Nuts and Bolts of International Trade: Incoterms® 2020

Sep 13, 2019

courtesy: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce It is easy to think international trade is all about convoluted acronyms that describe trade agreements which take a long time to negotiate. A sampling of the ones you have probably heard about recently i...

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How to make your point with our elected officials

Aug 30, 2019

BC Premier John Horgan chats with patrons of Pulp Fiction Coffee House in Kelowna. Photo Courtesy: The Daily Courier If you want to get things done on a political level, sometimes voting isn't enough. You have to make your case directly to the...

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What is Dark Fibre? Shining some light on one of Kelowna's major infrastructure projects

Aug 29, 2019

While the roads of Kelowna were being restored, another long term investment was being made. 36kms of fibre optic cable, laid beneath the city’s roadways, has become the foundation for Kelowna’s vast Dark Fibre network. This network, w...

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