Wildfire season is upon us and the ramifications of an evacuation, isolation, or even worse, loss of structures, is devastating.
The Kelowna Chamber and BC Economic Development Association (BCEDA) urges all local and Indigenous governments, not to underestimate the significance of these kinds of economic disruptions on their organizations.
How can our community be prepared? Below are just a few of the many recommendations to spur a more rapid economic recovery:
  1. Create an information page on your website and link to the BCEDA wildfires site for updated information.
  2. Develop a comprehensive communication plan. Templates are available in the Local Economic Recovery Toolkit.
  3. Compile a list of partners involved in supporting economic recovery including Community Futures, Chambers of Commerce, Province of BC, Red Cross, Insurance Bureau of Canada and other relevant entities.
  4. Ensure your business database is up to date and stored in the cloud in the event of an evacuation.
    1. BCEDA offers complimentary use of BC BusinessCounts, a business license data management tool, during disasters (must be sent in ahead of data loss). Learn more in this FAQ document.
Don't get caught unprepared this fire season. Take the steps to protect your family, your home and your business.