The Top 3 Issues in the Federal Election: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jun 30, 2015

Jobs are always a top issue in a federal election, but with this shaky economy, it’s fast becoming the number one priority. Opposition parties have made much of the recent bad news: in the first quarter, Canada’s GDP shrank by 0.6%, e...

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Commodity Wildcard: What is happening in China?

Jun 22, 2015

When someone asks where commodity prices are headed, they’re really asking: what’s the outlook for China? Last year, China consumed more coal than the rest of the world combined and imported 70% of the world’s seaborne iron...

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Breaking Barriers to Employing in Multiple Provinces

Jun 16, 2015

Many businesses in British Columbia's resource sector must grapple with differences between the employment standards legislation of British Columbia and Alberta. This places an undue burden on many small businesses, and may result in a competitiv...

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Advocacy Update

Jun 8, 2015

Recently, our CEO, Caroline Grover and myself travelled to Prince George for the BC Chamber AGM. We brought forward five resolutions from our membership and received support from our colleagues across the Province. The theme this year for four...

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Right Place, Right Time

Jun 2, 2015

As spring races into summer, Kelowna’s economic numbers continue to reflect a sturdiness that makes us all feel optimistic. Our Chamber members are cautiously confident – not all businesses are enjoying growth, but optimism and ...

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Access to Technology & Innovation a Key Economic Issue ahead of the Federal Election

May 26, 2015

We've added our voice to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's, who released its electoral platform this morning in Ottawa. This document outlines a list of recommendations the Canadian business community has for the federal political parties as...

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New awards a reflection of #trending business models

May 20, 2015

Kelowna is home to world-renowned, nationally recognized, and otherwise excellent businesses. With each year that passes, more and more developers, entrepreneurs, corporations and the commerce-savvy are recognizing the economic viability ...

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Back in Black: What's so great about a surplus anyway?

May 13, 2015

  With the tabling of the federal budget, the curtain falls on the best spectacle we’ve seen for a while–the government’s fight to rescue its carefully orchestrated plan to balance the budget in time for the election. This...

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Days of May

May 7, 2015

May is upon us- signifying flowers, a day for "mom" and the end of tax season (insert sigh of relief here).   This month also holds meaning for some associations. All week, Mental Health awareness has been campaigned across t...

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Budget Analysis: Federal Budget 2015

May 5, 2015

This is an election year, and this is undoubtedly an election budget. There is a strong emphasis on tax cuts for the (hardworking) Canadian families that will receive the bulk of federal largesse this year. Just the income splitting and the expanded ...

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What to do about Income InEquality

Apr 21, 2015

Is it time to worry about the middle class and the rising gap between rich and poor? It’s not just academics anymore—even businesses like McKinsey and TD Bank are taking a hard look at income inequality and what it means for economic grow...

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6 Must Read Tips for Start-Up Businesses

Apr 15, 2015

Chambers are often asked for advice on how to start a business. Building your own business from the ground up is no easy task. There is no template or formula to creating a hugely successful business. There is just sheer hard work, determination a...

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Canada's Oil Sands: The Truth Unveiled

Apr 10, 2015

As a recognized business leader in Kelowna, I was invited to participate in a Canadian Chamber of Commerce Energy Tour that provided an in-depth opportunity to hear from a good cross section of energy companies and actually go on mine sites in Fort M...

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The secret to a successful AGM

Apr 8, 2015

Annual General Meeting. Just the sound of it can induce an unitentional mid-day nap. Yet, it is an imperitive event for most non-profit organizations. This is when the organization must present to its stakeholders and members the past year's audi...

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#Winning in fight against invasive mussels

Mar 31, 2015

The Province is expanding its fight against invasive mussels with a $1.3-million boost toward early detection and rapid response.  Although these invasive species have never been detected in British Columbia, this program expansion increase...

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Is Canada Headed for Recession?

Mar 24, 2015

Since the Bank of Canada lowered interest rates as “insurance” against the risk of a sharper downturn, many have been asking: How long will it take for the fall in oil prices to impact the broader economy and how severe will the slowd...

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Philanthropy + Entrepreneurship = "Dragon Emeritus" W. Brett Wilson

Mar 17, 2015

"Yes, he'll do it". Those four words were music to our ears coming through the phone from W. Brett Wilson's publicist a few short weeks ago. Kelowna Chamber Staffer, Stephanie, had been diligently persuing him since she sat in ...

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Welcome A-Board!

Mar 10, 2015

The Kelowna Chamber 2015/16 Term is just underway. There were 6 director's seats up for grabs, and after we had 11 candidates apply for the positions, we posted their answers to our questions online and went to a vote. The election remained open...

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Calling Professionals & Students

Mar 3, 2015

Finding a job (or reliable employees) can be tough, let’s face it. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. With our program Launch Students into Business having already taken off several months ago, the New Year promises to connect ...

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Is this the end of the Commodity Supercycle?

Feb 26, 2015

These are tough times for commodities. Oil is grabbing all the headlines, with prices plunging 50% since June of last year. But agriculture prices are also soft, especially corn, which is down 53%. Metal prices have been weak for a while, particu...

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