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Hindsight: What Business Owners Wish They Would Have Done Differently

Nov 12, 2019

​ They say hindsight is 20-20. If you only would have known. As a business owner, you may already have a few things you wish you knew. Would you have hired that one person? Perhaps you would have started your company sooner. While it is importan...

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4 Essential Steps for Environmentally Friendly Businesses

Oct 28, 2019

Green initiatives in the workplace are not only great for the world we live in, but they can also be great for your profits by helping you identify ways to conserve resources and save money in the long-term. We asked Angela Nagy, a Kelowna Chamber...

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Your Official Kelowna Chamber All-Candidates Forum (and 2019 Federal Election) Primer!

Oct 8, 2019

Photo courtesy: Globe and Mail *UPDATED Oct 15, 2019** Well here we are. As quickly as the summer passed in the Okanagan this year, so too has the 2019 Federal Election crept up on us.  Sure, there's been plenty in the media about t...

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5 Minutes for Business - It’s still the economy, stupid.

Oct 7, 2019

For all of the talk about affordability this election season, it’s remarkable how little discussion there is amongst party leaders, candidates and the media about the most basic and effective way to create new jobs and wage growth as well as im...

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2019 Canadian Chamber AGM Wrap Up

Sep 30, 2019

Three days, 324 delegates, 76 policies, 35% of total policies from BC  On September 21-23, the Kelowna Chamber journeyed across the country to Saint John, New Brunswick, to represent policy resolutions developed with our members over the past...

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5 Minutes for Business - The Nuts and Bolts of International Trade: Incoterms® 2020

Sep 13, 2019

courtesy: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce It is easy to think international trade is all about convoluted acronyms that describe trade agreements which take a long time to negotiate. A sampling of the ones you have probably heard about recently i...

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How to make your point with our elected officials

Aug 30, 2019

BC Premier John Horgan chats with patrons of Pulp Fiction Coffee House in Kelowna. Photo Courtesy: The Daily Courier If you want to get things done on a political level, sometimes voting isn't enough. You have to make your case directly to the...

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What is Dark Fibre? Shining some light on one of Kelowna's major infrastructure projects

Aug 29, 2019

While the roads of Kelowna were being restored, another long term investment was being made. 36kms of fibre optic cable, laid beneath the city’s roadways, has become the foundation for Kelowna’s vast Dark Fibre network. This network, w...

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Which business stage are you in?

Aug 13, 2019

Every business goes through similar stages, no matter which industry it operates in. Knowing what stage your company is in can help guide you in focusing your efforts on the right activities for your current situation. Here's an overview of the p...

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5 minutes for Business - Canada's Cannabis Opportunity

Aug 8, 2019

courtesy: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce It has been nearly ten months since Canada became the second country and first large developed economy in the world to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use. This bold economic experiment is genera...

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Grading the Federal Government on Canada's Competitiveness

Aug 6, 2019

A year after the release of Death by 130,000 Cuts: Improving Canada’s Regulatory Competitiveness, the Canadian Chamber is grading the federal government’s response to their regulatory recommendations and providing additional advice on how...

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Policy: Kelowna Chamber Engages BC Government, Thompson-Okanagan Chambers

Aug 1, 2019

The Kelowna Chamber hosted senior officials from twelve BC Government ministries last week in the first ever regional consultation between the Province and the BC Chamber network. The day-long consultation session on Tuesday July 23 was the first of ...

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Member Spotlight: Christine Patton (Power Within)

Jul 31, 2019

Christine Patton is a Kelowna-based performance coach, inspirational speaker and author who helps clients discover their best selves through her company Power Within. But Christine doesn't just talk the talk - for 15 years she was a lawyer, judge...

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How to capture your share of tourists

Jul 16, 2019

Tourism is a major industry in the Okanagan and capturing your share of our local tourists will help your business thrive. Local sights, conventions, activities- and of course the beautiful sunshine - draw visitors from across the country and worl...

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Member Spotlight: KF Aerospace

Jun 28, 2019

Julie Whittet, Communications Coordinator and Grant Stevens, Vice President of Corporate Services A year away from their 50th anniversary, KF Aerospace has made a name for themselves across the globe for delivering quality, innovative service...

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Kelowna Chamber, BC and Canadian Chambers support Fed decision on TMX

Jun 18, 2019

Earlier today, news broke that the federal government has once again approved the Trans Mountain pipeline.  We join the BC and Canadian Chambers in supporting the decision. The project will inject billions of dollars into the Canadian economy...

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Back to the Future: Alcohol and Interprovincial Trade Barriers

Jun 14, 2019

Buckle up, let’s hop in the time machine and take a spin back to July 2017. Canadians are celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, and businesses are trying to decipher the new Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) that had...

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What will become your legacy?

Jun 6, 2019

Why did you open the doors to your business? Today's business owners often say it's because they want to make a difference, fill a need, solve a problem, or support their community. There's little doubt that business ownership isn't j...

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Top 7 tech trends for Realtors

May 17, 2019

If you're involved in the real estate market as an investor, agent, buyer, or seller, you likely already know that this is one industry that's in love with the latest technologies. From the latest apps to innovations in customer service, tech...

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Val Litwin: let's build a smarter employers health tax

May 10, 2019

Finance Minister Carole James and Premier John Horgan have introduced an Employer Health Tax that replaces the current Medical Services Plan.  Small businesses who previously paid MSP premiums for their employees are now also paying the new e...

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