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Sep 15, 2020

Meet Your Board of Directors: Pamela Pearson, Secretary

Get to know the Kelowna Chamber's Board of Directors and Ambassadors in our new segment. This new weekly update will introduce you to the people behind-the-scenes at the Chamber, and get to know more about them, why they got involved with the Chamber, and what they love about serving our business community!
This week we want to introduce you to Pamela Pearson, our wonderful Secretary of the Board of Directors. Highly involved in the Chamber, Pamela is also the Chair of Membership Committee, and sits on the Board Development Committee. 

PAMELA PEARSON | Sentes Automotive
What is your position / title and company, and what do you do there?
Director of Operations of Sentes Automotive – among many other tasks, my position consists of some of the functions that keep our 6 locations working as one unified company. Some of my duties include HR, IT, event planning, facility maintenance, and renos/new builds. I have an operations team of 3 and we have over 250 employees across the group.
How long have you been in the Okanagan? If you aren’t originally from the valley, what led you to call the Okanagan ‘home’? 
I moved from the Kootenays (Castlegar and Glade to be specific) in 2002 to go to UBC-O to get my Bachelor of Arts & Education. I had always planned to return to the Kootenays but once I got here, there was no going back. 
What do you enjoy most about your role with the Kelowna Chamber?
I love being a part of an organization that works each day to make Kelowna a better place to live and do business. It has been wonderful to get to know my fellow directors and get more involved in the community. There is so much to learn so I’m just trying to be a sponge and contribute where I can. I’m grateful for the opportunity.
What are you looking forward to / planning for the future?
My biggest professional goals for the future are to share the wonderful organizations I’m part of and encourage others to learn more/join me. Three of the main ones are:
  • Sentes Automotive is such a great organization to work for and I’d urge those looking for a great career in the Okanagan to reach out to us. I never thought I’d work in automotive and I’ve been with the company for over 12 years now. There are a lot of different positions and this company provides a great place to build your career. 
  • I’m the chair of the BC Cancer Foundation’s Discovery Luncheon. This year is the 10th year we’ve put on thee event and due to the pandemic, it will be the first time we do it virtually. I would encourage everyone to attend this event (likely in November) to learn about the remarkable work that is being done right here in Kelowna for cancer care locally and around the world. The research that is done in our cancer centre has lead to life saving treatments that are now being taught around the world. This work that is being done is prolonging the lives of our family members and friends who are diagnosed with cancer. I am thrilled to say that my grandmother, who was diagnosed with lung cancer, has gone through treatment and is now cancer free. She is a testament to what is being done at BC Cancer – Kelowna is working. She is a success story and we’re happy to have more time with her. Who doesn’t want to be involved with a cause like that!?
  • After learning about all of the advocacy and policy work, the many benefits offered, and all of the opportunities to connect with other community members being part of the Chamber, I think everyone should get involved! There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes on behalf of local businesses that I had no idea about. And although we’re not really meeting in person at this time, there are a lot of events happening virtually to connect with others. And hopefully soon we can start to network in person again. I really encourage people/businesses to ask about the Chamber and see what we can offer/do for them.