Confidence In Canada remains in question despite meeting between Prime Minister, Premiers

News that Matters Apr 15, 2018

VANCOUVER - Today, the Government of Canada announced it will assert federal jurisdiction through pending legislation and begin discussions with Kinder Morgan on the financial framework for a potential taxpayer-funded investment in the Trans Mountain...

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B.C.'s government is trying to divide our nation. Here’s how Trudeau can stop it

News that Matters Apr 13, 2018

In 2018, Canada marked its 150th anniversary with activities that brought us together to celebrate our history and to consider our bright future as a nation. Just months later, however, Canadians are confronted with an issue that goes to the very cor...

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Major Business Groups Warn Confidence in Canada at Risk

News that Matters Apr 12, 2018

VANCOUVER – A growing movement of more than 70 business, industry and community groups, representing hundreds of thousands of British Columbians and Canadians, have come together over the last two days to sign a joint letter calling on Prime Mi...

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No Amendments. Scrap the Speculation Tax Entirely. - An Interview with the Lynda Steele Show.

Chamber News Apr 12, 2018

The Lynda Steele show interviews Chamber Past President Tom Dyas regarding the "Scrap the Speculation Tax" campaign, which is lobbying the NDP to not simply amend the tax - but rather (as its name suggests) throw it out entirely. To list...

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Middays with Jody Vance: Scrapping the Spec Tax

Chamber News Apr 11, 2018

Should the controversial speculation tax be scrapped? Tom Dyas, past president and spokesperson, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, discusses why the organization and many others are calling for the 'speculation tax' to be scrapped. Click here t...

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Scrap the Tax Campaign - How you can Join the Momentum

Chamber News Apr 10, 2018

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, along with other Okanagan and provincial business organizations believes that the new Speculation Tax will not result in more affordable housing and has the potential to drive away investment in our community. Lear...

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Kelowna Chamber Marks 112th AGM with Full Slate of Directors and a New President

Media Release Mar 13, 2018

New Chamber Board March 13, 2018...

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Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Annual Report 2017

Media Release Mar 13, 2018

Annual Report 2017 Kelowna Chamber...

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Chamber Comments on Possible Extension of Seasonal Emergency Shelter in Kelowna

Media Release Mar 12, 2018

Chamber of Commerce Comment on Cornerstone ...

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Federal Budget 2018 Reaction from Kelowna Chamber

Media Release Feb 28, 2018

Kelowna Chamber Reacts to Federal Budget...

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BC's First NDP Budget in 17 years gets a Passing Grade (C+) from Kelowna Chamber

Media Release Feb 20, 2018

Kelowna -  Today’s provincial budget aligns the government’s fiscal plan with the policy areas they had already indicated are a priority, those being housing attainability and childcare but unfortunately it leaves the business c...

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Media Release Feb 7, 2018

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce is calling on the Premiers of Alberta and BC to stop the rhetoric on inter-provincial trade and instead find ways to enhance our economies rather than ramping up a trade dispute that is now harming small businesses and...

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Share Cannabis Tax Revenues Three Ways

Media Release Nov 24, 2017

Kelowna:  An equal share of any tax revenue for all three levels of government and a strong role for the private sector are among the key findings of a recent survey the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce conducted on the pending legalization of cannab...

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Kelowna Chamber speaks out to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance

Media Release Nov 8, 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   November 8, 2017     Kelowna Chamber speaks out to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance     Kelowna: The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce welcomed the ...

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Kelowna Chamber Applauds Feds' move to lower business tax

Media Release Oct 16, 2017

Kelowna: The Kelowna Chamber, which has relentlessly battled against the proposed federal tax policy changes affecting small business since they were announced in July, welcomes the government's plans to revise its proposed tax reforms and to red...

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2017 Business Excellence Award Recipients

Media Release Oct 13, 2017

Twenty-seven finalists were honoured at the 30th Annual Business Excellence Awards at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort. The finalists competed to take home 9 awards in their respective categories in addition to the Business Leader o...

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Business Leader 2017 Announced

Media Release Oct 2, 2017

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce announced today that Lane Merrifield will be named 2017 Business Leader, in conjunction with their Business Excellence Award program.   The prestigious Award recognizes and celebrates Lane for his o...

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Media Release Sep 26, 2017

FREDERICTON - Kelowna's Chamber received overwhelming support for the policy it tabled at the Canadian Chamber AGM in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The policy resolution calls on the federal government to increase its efforts to prevent z...

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Kelowna Chamber Members Clearly Opposed to Proposed Federal Tax Policy Changes

Media Release Sep 19, 2017

Kelowna:  Not surprisingly members of the Kelowna Chamber are overwhelmingly opposed to the proposed tax policy changes.   The findings flow from a recently conducted poll of chamber members.  The results fell into line with those of m...

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