We offer a tiered benefit structure with four levels of membership, plus a not-for-profit option. 

Your business is unique and so are the benefits that you’re after. Four membership tiers offer distinct benefits to businesses. Each tier bundles opportunities for exposure, advertising and sponsorship, plus access to benefits for you and your employees. Whether you’re looking to focus on exposure, growth, brand recognition or anything in between, our team can help you find the perfect fit for your company.

“I thank the Chamber for providing the framework that allows businesses to work together to ensure our commercial and economic opportunities continue to grow and prosper.”
Barry LaPointe, Owner, CEO, KF Aerospace

Membership Options

Membership in the Chamber is invoiced on an annual basis from time of joining. We have cash flow optimization options, including monthly payments.

For detailed descriptions of the membership tiers, please contact us

  • Platinum Membership $1,550.00
  • Gold Membership $960.00
  • Silver Membership $640.00
  • Bronze Membership $350.00

Smaller-startup businesses often begin with the Bronze level. Growing companies, and those with multiple product listings, find the Silver level a good fit. Gold level members are rapidly growing companies. The Platinum level suits companies and organizations which are in a dominant mode in their industry, or which need to quickly ramp up awareness and build a business network to secure their position with their competition. 

Registered not-for-profit organizations are eligible for the NFP membership level, although they frequently buy a regular business level to more fully integrate their programs and raise community awareness. For info please contact Heather Eichinger.

Online Application Form

Our online application form accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express as forms of payment. If you prefer equal monthly payments, for a small processing fee, we can introduce you to our monthly Pre-Authorized Withdrawal Plan, debiting your bank account. For info please contact Heather Eichinger.

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