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The Kelowna Chamber is an Accredited Chamber of Commerce with Distinction. This means that we are a chamber that is run in a strategic and professional way and that our operations reflect national standards of business excellence. We work to ensure the Okanagan region will become the most economically prosperous region - and the most desirable place to live and work - in Canada. As the area's leading membership driven business organization, we are committed to providing value to our members.  


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  • What the economy is saying for BC and Kelowna Business
    Dec 07, 2016

    Thank you to all of those who participated in the "Collective Perspective" survey sent out last month by BC Chamber President. The results discovered a strong confidence among the business community in both the current health of their businesses and their future outlook on the economy.

    “This pan-provincial snapshot offers a unique look into the hearts and minds of B.C. businesses,” said Val Litwin, President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “We hope this survey will be useful to all parties heading into the provincial election.” Nearly 1200 businesses of all sizes, representing all sectors of the economy and from all regions of the province participated in the survey. 

    - An impressive 92% of businesses believe their businesses are in good or acceptable shape today (refer to pg. 8 of report). - Approximately 4/5 of B.C. businesses surveyed expect that they will grow their businesses over the next five years (refer to pg. 12 of report).

    - A large majority of respondents believe the government is supportive of B.C.’s business community, with the provincial government taking the highest praise, followed by the federal government and then local government (refer to pg. 16 of report).

    - Respondents expressed that many sectors of B.C.’s economy will become “more important” over the next five years to ten years, with Tourism, Clean Technology, International Trade and Health Services emerging as the top sectors (refer to pg. 17 of report).

    - Respondents also expressed that even the province’s most well-established industries like Forestry and Mining will become “more important” to the business landscape over the next three to five years (refer to pg. 17 of report). Under the section “what matters to business success” our respondents identified the four most important factors affecting their business where they need more help (refer to summary graph on pg. 25 of report):

    Because your plans for 2017 hinge on knowing what's up with the economy, in addition to supporting this survey, we've partnered with The Conference Board of Canada to bring you Pedro Antunes, their Executive Director, Economic Outlook and Analysis, and Deputy Chief Economist, for Kelowna's Business & Food Sector Outlook Conference.

    Attending this 1/2 day conference will give you an in-depth look at the economic conditions of Canada, B.C. and Kelowna, how they interact with the global economy, and where business is headed in 2017. For the full agenda and speaker list; please visit the event agenda page. Register today for only $249 using priority code: MP - KCC

    For more information, or for group pricing please contact Natasha Chipilova at the Conference Board at 613-526-3090 ext. 478.



  • How Simple Breakroom Tweaks can improve Workplace Productivity
    Nov 22, 2016

    With many people feeling busier at work than they’ve ever been, some are simply forgetting to take breaks. In fact, our survey found half of employees feel they can’t leave their desk to take a break, despite 90 percent of employers saying they support breaks throughout the workday. That’s not good, considering taking a break is one of the best ways to recharge and refuel throughout a busy day.

    While you can’t physically force employees to take a break, there are certain ways to encourage them, one of which is changing up the current ordering process for your breakroom to make it more inviting and enticing. Given that 76 percent of those surveyed said they could unwind and de-stress if they had a well-stocked, comfortable breakroom available, it’s time to start thinking about your current purchases.

    Not sure where to start to kick off your breakroom ordering process? Here are a few suggestions.

     Purchase healthy snacks: Employees want healthy snacks – 57 percent of survey respondents said they’d want snack options such as nuts, protein and granola bars added to the breakroom. Consider changing or adding to your purchasing decisions to include healthier choices.

     But, have something for everyone: Not everyone craves mixed nuts on their breaks – some people are looking for candy, cookies or chips, and that’s okay. In order to make sure there’s something for everyone, offer a good mix of sweet and salty treats in the breakroom.

     Purchase a variety of beverages. While coffee is important for many employees to stay alert and productive throughout the day, not everyone drinks it. Make sure to also order tea, as well as soft drinks and sports drinks, to satisfy different preferences in the office.

     Think about comfort: Furniture is a major consideration for the overall comfort and appeal of the breakroom. It’s important to purchase tables and seating that invite employees to unwind and socialize with colleagues. It’s also crucial to order ergonomic furniture that offers proper support to avoid injury.

    Providing employees with an inviting place to take a break that also offers something for their particular taste will help them feel appreciated and more productive throughout the day. For more information on how you can incorporate new breakroom products into your current budget, click here to browse options from our office supply benefit provider.

  • Big Opportunities for Small Business
    Oct 28, 2016
    Many small business operators are driving themselves at break-neck speeds trying to keep pace with their rapidly changing work environments. They don’t know how to adapt, so they just keep running faster and faster.
    The good news is that proactive leaders in all industries are gearing down from what seems like the unmanageable speed of light, to the more enjoyable speed of enlightenment. They’re getting back to business basics by examining a simpler approach based on values, innovation, collaboration, and communication. While doing so, they’re profoundly enriching their personal and professional lives.
    Check out how you, too, can slow down, take a big, deep business breath, and explore how to navigate your own entrepreneurial speed-way in ways that rally both human and financial resources.
    And we promise you’ll enjoy the ride!
    Big Opportunities for Small Business is an S3 series of a six half-day workshops in partnership with the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce (KCC). While each workshop sets the stage for the next, attendees can register for any number of workshops. Each is $129 (+ Eventbrite fee), with a special 'six-pack' price of $599 (+ Eventbrite Fee). Qualifies for BC Job Grant! 
    1. Pinpointing Enterpreneurial Values (Nov 24th, 2016) - How to hit your business bulls-eye
    2. Activating Insightful Innovation (Jan 26th, 2017) - How to optimize organizational performance
    3. Building Constructive Collaboration (Feb 23rd, 2017) - How to frame and maintain synergistic partnerships
    4. Growing Fruitful Networks (Mar 23rd, 2017) - How to strengthen communication and outcomes
    5. Cracking the Sustainability Code (April 27th, 2017) - How to be competitive in changing markets
    6. Taking the Living Business Challenge (May 25th, 2017) - How to plan for agility and resilience
    Vist our Event Page to learn more!  http://www.kelownachamber.org/events/Workshop-Big-Opportunities-for-Small-Business-1897/details
  • And the Award goes to...
    Oct 20, 2016

    A red carpet entrance. A professional photoshoot. Cocktail Reception... this was the scene at the 29th Business Excellence Awards. Finalists making their way through the crowd were treated to a life-sized illuminated ice sculpture of the crystal award they were all hoping to take home. The 4-foot tall statue was a glistening reminder of the sacrifice and hard work it took them to be considered a Finalist, an honour in itself... As bright as that was, moments later it was outshone by a flurry of fueled flames surrounding two talented firedancers. Cosmic Co Motion entertained the crowd for the remainder of the reception.

    Nearly 400 guests attended the ceremony and dinner, emceed by the lovely and talented Tamara Joel. The evening was photographed by Mr. Alex Hill, a dedicated professional who did a splendid job capturing the evening. 

    The awards recipients, in order:

    1. RISING STAR AWARD: BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery

    Sponsored by: Urban Systems

    2. SMALL BUSINESS AWARD (4-15 employees): Highstreet Ventures Inc.

    Sponsored by: Prospera Credit Union

    3. MID-SIZE BUSINESS AWARD (16-50 employees): Diversified Rehabilitation Group

    Sponsored by: BDO Canada LLP


    Sponsored by: Interior Savings

    5. YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR AWARD:  Rachel Clarida, Hatch Interior Design Inc.

    Sponsored by: Kelowna International Airport

    6. SUSTAINABILITY AWARD: Evergreen Building Maintenance Inc.

    Sponsored by: Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board

    7. DISTINCTION IN HOSPITALITY & TOURISM AWARD: Gray Monk Estate Winery & Vineyards

    Sponsored by: Tourism Kelowna

    8. MARKETER AWARD: Csek Creative.

    Sponsored by: Pushor Mitchell LLP


    Sponsored by: UBC Okanagan

    10. LARGE BUSINESS AWARD (51+ employees): Sun-Rype Products

    Sponsored by: Grant Thornton LLP


    Sponsored by: MNP LLP 

    Thank you to all who attended -  and a special thank you to Dan Albas, for an incredible job of tweeting!  See Alex's photos here!  See our amature photos of the reception here. 

    See you at the 30th!