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Community Connection

Making a Connection with Chamber Members and your Not-for-profit

It's hard work running a not-for-profit organization.  The same challenges that managers of businesses face, confront our local charitable organizations: financial management; finding staff (and volunteers); delivering services into the community; dealing with government regulations; worrying about the bottom line; IT issues; the list goes on.

For many local not-for-profit organizations, sometimes the biggest problem is just being heard. Raising awareness. Ensuring people in the community find out about what you do, what services you offer, who benefits from your programs, what your plans are, and what your most pressing needs to get through the next quarter add up to.

A small hand up is offered by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.  We have over 100 not-for-profit members, and we offer one of them an opportunity to step into the spotlight each month at one of our Okanagan College Signature Series events. We host nine of these events each season (September-June) with high profile speakers, and between 120 and 300 attendees.

Not-for-profit organizations just apply to be our "Community Connection" and we choose one name in a draw and let the successful group know. While there is no speaking opportunity for you at the event, our Event Emcee recognizes the group from the podium, and reads a short description of the group's work in the community. 

We provide a table inside the banquet room for the group to display literature and other material, place a pop up banner alongside, and we provide one complimentary ticket for an organization's representative. (You may purchase more if you like at the member rate.)

The Chamber also makes a modest financial donation to the represented group as a thank-you to our speaker/s. Series event guests are encouraged by the Emcee to visit the not-for-profit's table to find out more about your work in the community.

Click here to apply.