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Jul 11, 2022

Member Spotlight: The Always Care Consulting Company

What do you do when you arrive in a new country and start a business just before a pandemic wipes out the market and puts a halt to face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities?

That’s what happened to Kirsten and Paul Moxness, of The Always Care Consulting Company.

After Paul stepped down from his role as VP Global Safety and Security at Radisson Hotel Group, a company he’d been with for 30 years, he and Kirsten decided to move from Brussels (Belgium) to Kelowna B.C.. Kirsten, an entrepreneur in the wellness sector, began her 30-year career in Copenhagen where she had her own clinic and pioneered workplace massage in large companies. She also has several years experience at the Spa at Brussels’ most exclusive sports and members club, Aspria Royal La Rasante. Their business, The Always Care Consulting Company, focuses on hospitality and memorable customer experience. 

In these times of labour shortages and sky-high staff turnover, they help clients develop a competent, caring, and loyal team. It is their goal to help make jobs more meaningful and customer experiences more memorable.  Leaning on decades of experience with travel around the world, Paul and Kirsten wrote a book, "Spin the Bottle Service" using personal stories to show that even in our increasingly digitalized lives, hospitality is all about human interaction.

This year they launched Spin the Bottle Service Training, a program designed to empower employees to “skip the scripts” and use empathy, caring, and their own experiences to provide truly personal guest and customer service. 

When they're not busy with Spin the Bottle Service, Kirsten is at Artisan Studios giving deep tissue massages to clients that invest in their well-being. Paul is Managing Partner at NorthPoint International, and part of a global expert network supporting the UN Office of Counter Terrorism.