Thank you to all who participated in the BDO Top 40 Under 40 for 2020. We'll be regularly showcasing our honourees here, on social media and in the news. Be sure to check back regularly and send a congrats to our fantastic top 40's. 

The Honourees: 

Sarah Howe
Manik Dhir
Adam Relvas
Ross Derrick
Brandt Fralick
Dustin Serviss
Melanie Breitkreutz
Alyssa Farr
Chris Stephens
Steven Morrison
Nathan MacDermott
Jillian Haller
Randy Therrien
James Littley
Sarah Dow-Fleisner
Navjot Takhar
Tyler Robson
Russ Latimer
Kate Snowsell
Garrett Jones
Kayla Caruana
Alex Boland
Justina Lee-Stolz
Harmony Mir-DC
Brian Stephenson
Fiona Patterson
Amal Alhuwayshil
Jeff Cox
Nicholas Fane
Danielle Walker
Chris Lewis
DeAnna MacAruthur
Nathan Matis
Tina Walczak
Andrew Dargie-MD
Danica Dollman
Darren Kautz
Assetou Coulibaly
Brandon Panopoulos
Ester Pike