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Feb 20, 2015

Chamber Myths De-bunked

This week we recognized Chamber week by hosting an event each day of the week to provide you with the opportunity to network, dine and engage to learn what we do for the business community. 

Have you caught yourself wondering what a Chamber of Commerce is and what it does for business? Here are some myth's - debunked.

* Myth #1: The Chamber of Commerce is a Bank. We are not a bank, we are the most broadly-based business organization working on behalf of small to large businesses.

* Myth #2: The Chamber is a private club. We are an accessible, modern, organization supporting local business in their community.

* Myth #3: Chambers are a part of Government. Chambers of Commerce engage with all levels of government as a voice, advocating on behalf of businesses, but are not government.

* Myth #4: All we offer is Group Insurance Benefits. Chambers have a long list of exclusive member benefits to offer businesses, Group Insurance is just one of many.

So if you've been on the fence, now is the time to join your Kelowna Chamber of Commerce and access Canada's largest business network. It's just smart business.