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Apr 8, 2015

The secret to a successful AGM

Annual General Meeting. Just the sound of it can induce an unitentional mid-day nap. Yet, it is an imperitive event for most non-profit organizations. This is when the organization must present to its stakeholders and members the past year's audited financial statements, vote for any bylaw changes and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

The main challenge with holding an AGM is that you have to actually have people attend. If quorum isn't achieved- AKA if a specific number of members don't show up, then it doesn't count... and you have to try again.

How could we be sure people were going to come? We needed to convince them...

This Year's AGM helod on April 8th, we had the best bait yet... we had W. Brett Wilson. The beloved, bearded business mogul who has stakes in Kelowna and was everyone's favourite Dragon's Den dealmaker agreed to speak to our members. With a resume like his, it's no wonder his fee alone is $25,000! Wait, back up... we paid what?!  Note:This year's financials to be presented at the 2016 AGM. Be in attendance to find out. Wink  

Our AGM really was more than financial statements.. it was an opportunity for the Outgoing President to highlight our accomplishments of the year, recognize our amazing volunteers & membership, and introduce the Incoming President & Board members. 

If you missed it, here is a recap: 


Director of the Year: Gladys Fraser

Ambassador of the Year: Shawna McCrea

Volunteer of the Year: Patricia Livingstone

Outgoing Directors:

Peter Angle

Sherri Chapman

Outgoing President:

Curtis Darmohray 

Incoming President:

Ken Carmichael

Incoming Directors:

Una Gabie

Al Hildebrandt

Stuart Grant

Angela Nagy 

And of course a keynote by W. Brett Wilson that garnered a standing ovation. For pictures of the event visit our Facebook page or for more info on our Board of Directors, please visit our Board of Directors Webpage.