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Feb 23, 2021

The Okanagan's Newest Bakery, Mill Creek Bakery, Opens Today!

Owners of the beloved Bread of Wheels and Sweet Caroline's, three siblings (Joanne Hlina, Steve Wiltse and Jim Wiltse), open their new retail outlet in Kelowna today, the Mill Creek Bakery. The new bakery will offer cakes and pastries from Sweet Caroline’s and artisan breads from Bread on Wheels. We recently chatted with Co-owner Joanne Hlina to learn more about their new business, the local favourites that you'll be sure to find when you arrive, as well as her advice to up and coming businesses and entrepreneurs.
You can now visit the new bakery at 4-2235 Leckie Road, at the corner of Leckie and Dilworth.
What led to Mill Creek Bakery coming to be in Kelowna? 
Sweet Caroline’s Bakery in Vernon has long been a favourite of Okanaganites. We have many customers from the Central Okanagan and we have been frequently asked to open a bakery in Kelowna. We decided to open a bakery that combines the popular pastries and cakes from Sweet Caroline’s and the artisan breads from Bread on Wheels.
What are some of the fan favourite popular items that customers can expect to see at the new bakery?
Our cakes are delicious: Lemon Classic, Black Forest, Chocolate Torte, Turtle, Chocolate Fudge, White Chocolate Torte are just some of the favourites. We have a wide selection of pastries; our most common comment is, “there’s so much to choose from”, followed by “I’ll take one of each…just kidding!” Our muffins sell briskly as do our other pastries, which include such classics as cream puffs, eclairs, lemon tarts and pumpkin tarts (when in season). Our fruit shells are lovely, marzipan squares are popular. The breads we carry include brioche burger buns, Portuguese buns, Okanagan Farmer Rye bread, focaccia, and our popular panini buns.
As an experienced business owner / operator, what would be your advice to up and coming businesses or entrepreneurs? 
My advice to new entrepreneurs is to pick a business you are passionate about, but don’t be afraid to let go of “pet” ideas if they aren’t working out. Give new products a chance to succeed—you never know what the public will take to the most! Customer service is the most important part of your business—it’s crucial that your customers trust that you are giving them the best product or service you can!