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Aug 25, 2020

Blog: To App? Or Not to App? The Tech Dilemma

If you have a small business, you probably wonder from time to time whether you need an app. After all, you already have a website. Isn't that enough?

We encourage local businesses in our community to keep up to date with technology — and for many, that now means having an app dedicated to your business. Take a look at some of the reasons to consider upgrading your tech and developing an app.

An App Keeps You Visible to Consumers

The average person now spends more than two hours a day scrolling through their mobile devices. Don't you want to be visible to all those viewers? If your app is on a user's phone, they see your logo every time they unlock and use their device.

An App Lets You Connect With Customers Via the App Stores

Apple's App Store gets millions of hits each day. So does Google Play, the app store for the Android platform. When you have your own app, your business can leverage its spot in the app stores by optimizing content to be seen there. You'll attract more downloads, send traffic to your website, and get the kind of backlinks that help boost your page on search engines.

Your Tech-Savvy Customers Would Love an App

If you market your products or services to people who are particularly tech-savvy or who spend a lot of time on their phones, then they're ready and waiting for an app from you. If they already are fans of your content on social media platforms, then an app gives them more of what they already love.

Your Competitors Already Have an App

Why give your competitors an advantage? If they have one, surely you don't want to be behind the curve, losing your customers to them?

An App Provides Better Value to Your Customers

You want your customers to be engaged with your brand. Creating an app is a great way to facilitate that engagement. Use your app to create a loyalty program that rewards app subscribers for purchases — which in turn motivates them to make more purchases. If you want to be really high-tech, let your customers pay from your app to speed up transactions.

An App Creates a Direct Marketing Channel to Your Customers

With an app, you can push notifications of special promotions, sales, and offers directly to the people who are most likely to take advantage of them. When you connect with your best customers this way, you provide real value.

For many businesses here in our region, having an app is a great way to boost customer engagement and keep your company visible to your potential customers. We encourage you to use tech to keep your brand and our entire community moving forward.