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Jun 17, 2020

Dedication Poem to Healthcare Workers: Unsung Heroes & Heroines

The Kelowna Chamber is adding four honorary mentions to its Top Forty Under 40 Program presented by BDO. Top 40 judge Dr Eric Li, Associate Professor in the UBC Okanagan Faculty of Management, suggested the Chamber recognize the contributions made by health care workers in the past few months with this gesture. Read the full release here, and dedication poem by Dr. Li's former student, and UBCO Alumnus Patience Spinoza Okuku can be found below. 


Unsung Heroes and heroines – by Patience Spinoza Okuku, UBCO Alumnus

When our grandchildren ask us about 2020,

We shall tell them about how,

When everything stopped…

When everything closed…

When everyone worked and studied from home,

Some heroes and heroines braved the unknown.


We took a step back,

They took a step forward.


Tempers high… at our worst behavior

Afraid we all were,

Exemplified by the scarcity of toilet papers…

Yet boldly, selflessly, and fearlessly these ladies and gentlemen pushed on

Mask marks,

Overtime shifts,

Generous as before, they smiled on…comforting those they encountered

Risking their own safety and that of their families

Reassuring us that there is hope

Leading the way


If ever your sacrifice went unnoticed or you felt less appreciated,

We are sorry

Pardon the follies of our past that took your effort for granted

We owe everything to you

We have seen who we all cannot do without

Because while we retracted,

You boldly advanced

Facing an enemy unlike any other – cunning, uncouth, invisible enemy

You are at the core of our society.


You are human like the rest of us,

With hearts and hurts, fears and dears.

Amid our flickering worst, you allowed your very glittering best…

Reminding us who really mattered in our society.


To the faces behind the masks and the gentle souls behind the gloves,

We salute you!

For you are the unsung HEROES and HEROINES!

You are the real MVPs of our lives!