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May 29, 2012

Policies Approved at BC AGM


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5/29/2012 Media Releases
Policies Approved at BC AGM

Kelowna Chamber Provincial Policies Get BC Approval

Kelowna (May 28, 2012) – The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce was successful in bringing four resolutions to the floor of the BC Chamber Annual General Meeting held in Penticton on May 25-26, 2012. The Kelowna Chamber resolutions received the support of chambers across the province and will form policy recommendations for review by the Province of BC.

The recommendations contained advisements to the government in the areas of Property Transfer Tax, Digital Media industry, funding for organized crime task forces and removing interprovincial wine barriers.

The Kelowna and Greater Langley Chambers recommended that the provincial government increase the 1% Property Transfer Tax threshold from $200,000 to $525,000 with 2% applying to the remainder of fair market value and to index the 1% Property Transfer Tax threshold of $525,000 using Statistics Canada’s new housing price and make adjustments annually.

The Digital Media industry is significant in BC and the Kelowna Chamber recommended to the province that reducing and improving regulatory requirements along with changes to the competitiveness of provincial and federal tax structures. This will be required to remove barriers facing this industry. As well, recommendations to work with this industry to ensure a skilled workforce were made.

The Kelowna Chamber called for regional and provincial task forces dedicated to fighting organized crime and that funding be made a priority level from the provincial and federal governments.

An end of interprovincial wine trade barriers was also called for.

The Chamber is calling on the province to demonstrate leadership in creating legislation that will see Canadian wines move freely across provincial borders.

The recommendation is that the Province of BC work with all provinces and territories to facilitate the shipment and/or direct sale and delivery of wines from out of province/territory wineries to Canadian consumers.

The Kelowna Chamber is also encouraging the province to create a personal exemption system that would allow specified quantities of wine to be personally transported by or delivered directly to Canadian consumers.

This bill was passed unanimously at the BC Chamber Annual General Meeting.

“It was a very busy yet gratifying three days at the BC Chamber of Commerce AGM in Penticton last weekend.  The highlight was that we, the Kelowna Chamber, were able to receive approval for all four policies that we put forward to the BC Chamber Membership:

  1. Removing Inter-Provincial Trade Barriers to sell wine
  2. Repeal of Property Transfer Tax
  3. Organized Crime Task Force
  4. Growth Engine BC Digital Media Industry

All four policies were accepted, which allows them to move forward to be considered to become provincial law.  Also as the wine policy now aligns with Bill C311, the private members bill that was tabled by MP Dan Albas, it is able to be considered to become federal law” said Tom Dyas, Member of the Provincial Policy Committee.

“With wins like this, all of the Members of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce should feel proud.  These ideas come from the members themselves, which we are then able to draft into policies that progress forward to be considered to become law.”

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce acts as a single powerful voice for their 1200 members and their 25,000 plus employees to promote local business interests. The Chamber provides a cohesive business network for its members to expand their business contacts, value-added benefits, programs, and services aimed at improving the bottom line of Chamber members. Their mission is to foster a positive business environment by providing members with leadership, advocacy and services of value.

For more information call:

Curtis Darmohray, Chair, Provincial Policy Committee. Ph# 250-869-1125
Tom Dyas, Member, Provincial Policy Committee. Ph# 250-861-8834