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Sep 19, 2013



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9/19/2013 Media Releases


Kelowna, September 12, 2013 – The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, in concert with colleagues at the BC Chamber, is continuing active work on the Multi Material BC (MMBC) file, regarding the new recycling regulation on packaging and printed paper that’s set to go into force in May 2014.
This approach has led to some tangible results for a range of BC Chamber members and the wider business community.  Through the proactive engagement of the Chamber movement, MMBC has committed to establishing a consultation process that will result in the creation of a Small Business Policy that will be released no later than January 2014. MMBC’s commitment is that this policy is intended to eliminate or minimizing any negative impacts that this regulation might have on small business.
While this policy is being developed MMBC has agreed to the following interim measures:
1. MMBC has agreed to implement a temporary de minimis (minimum threshold) of $750,000 in gross revenues for their program. These businesses will have no obligations under the program until May 2014; and
2. Any business (larger than $750,000 in gross revenues) that has not signed a letter of intent with MMBC will not need to do so until MMBC’s Small Business Policy has been released (estimated for early 2014).
MMBC has agreed to consult with the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, working through the BC Chamber, along with other business organizations, in the development of the Small Business Policy. As part of this initiative, the Kelowna Chamber will continue to advocate for a permanent minimum threshold for participation in the program, meaning that businesses under a given size wouldn’t have to report or pay fees into the program.
Dave Bond, President of the Kelowna of Commerce notes, “While these announcements are welcome there is much work to do during the consultation process to ensure the program does not represent an unacceptable administrative, or cost burden to business.”

With that said, the BC Chamber recognizes the constructive dialogue they have had with MMBC on addressing the concerns of its members. 

In addition, the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce believes the co-ordination and co-operation between the Ministries of Environment and Small Business and the involvement and commitment of both ministers have been absolutely central to the improvements being seen to this program.

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