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Mar 19, 2014

Making it easier for business to work with government


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3/19/2014 Media Releases
Making it easier for business to work with government

March 19

Making it easier for business to work with government

KELOWNA – Small businesses are making headway in reducing red tape throughout the province, government is taking action to make it easier for small businesses to compete for – and win – government contracts.

Today on the one-year anniversary of the BC Small Business Accord, the Small Business – Doing Business with Government Project report contains 12 recommendations to reduce the barriers facing small business and make doing business with government easier.

Today government committed to accept all 12 recommendations and begin taking action to implement them. The local chambers of commerce have worked closely with the government to bring positive changes that our members indicated were concerns.

The recommendations include:

• Implement a cost-effective small business outreach and training approach.
• Improve BC Bid functions, develop a tutorial and consider reducing or eliminating fees.
• Implement a strategy to communicate about existing and future contract possibilities.
• Explore establishment of a supplier management tool.
• Encourage government’s larger suppliers to post and promote opportunities for small businesses.
• Develop centrally accessible plain language information and resources.
• Explore ways to expand the scope of proactively released contract award summaries.
• Enhance staff training to promote best practices throughout the contract management lifecycle.
• Streamline procurement processes and templates.
• Implement a new policy and approach for welcoming new ideas.
• Explore ways to further achieve ministry mandates and objectives through governments purchasing decisions.
• Establish clear accountability for reporting out on results and tracking progress through the Minister of State for Tourism and Small Business.

The Doing Business with Government Project builds on the key principles of the BC Small Business Accord, established one year ago today, to “create long-term growth opportunities for small business through government procurement.” This is great news and tangible steps for our communities as we build a strong local and provincial economy.

Caroline Grover, CEO of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce says, “Chambers around B.C. appreciate the tangible steps B.C.’s government is taking to bring public-sector contracts within reach of our small businesses.”


To learn more about the BC Small Business Accord, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/smallbusinessaccord

To find out more about starting and growing a business in B.C., visit: www.gov.bc.ca/businessandinvesting

To find out more about the BC Small Business Roundtable, visit: www.smallbusinessroundtable.ca

To learn more about regulatory reform, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/regulatoryreform

To find out more about the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, visit: www.kelownachamber.org

Media Contact:
Caroline Grover
CEO, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce