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Jan 17, 2023

Member Spotlight: LUX Homes

This week we feature new member LUX Homes owner, Brad McNaughton. Welcome!

Brad shared more information on his background to help us get to know him better:

"I grew up on a farm so I understand the meaning of hard work. I’ve always had a strong work ethic and I instill that into all aspects of my life and company. After owning a framing company for many years, I decided to open LUX Homes to bring a fresh perspective to the industry. I take great pride in helping our clients work toward building their forever homes. Life revolves around our homes, it’s where families grow, and memories are made.

I understand the work and effort it takes to earn a dollar and I’m committed to making sure that LUX Homes provides all clients, regardless of the size of the project, with the same superior service. Our goal is to build a home that works and plays as hard as you do. A new home build is a commitment! The relationship between a home builder and the homeowners is incredibly important, especially because it is likely that not everything will go as expected. I work hard to create a mutual understanding and a strong connection.

Our motto is: LUX Homes believes in building strong foundations in every project through our solid reputation, our hard work and our commitment to holding ourselves accountable. 

I make a personal promise to all clients that we will be accountable and transparent throughout the building process. We don’t exploit multi-million-dollar projects, and we ensure that we get the absolute best quality service and materials regardless of the budget. We post regular tips on our blog to help you be as informed as possible before you begin a new home build, consider a renovation, or are just looking for design trends."

Learn more about LUX Homes at www.luxqualityhomes.com.