If you haven’t already met her, Alexandra Mushahwar is the founder and owner of The Other Coaching. Working with small and medium companies, as well as “Solopreneurs” and associates to create and maintain a positive employee experience and work environment, her company focuses on the importance of understanding different perspectives, strengths, working cultures, generational approaches, and changing work environments.
We recently chatted with Alexandra about how she takes an individualized approach to her business, lessons learned as an entrepreneur, and what's on the horizon moving forward in her business.


What is something you wish you knew when you first began?
I wished I would have had a bit more patience in the beginning with myself and with this very important, but sensitive approach of helping leaders to create and maintain a happy company culture in the new world of work before COVID hit. My services require the understanding that certain behaviours, skills, mindsets and actions, that have consequences for a company’s success, are solely up to the leader to adapt or to change. And we know, humanity usually has difficulties in admitting that they need help, especially in how they run or manage a company.
In my position I had to accept that, if you are in a management position, I have to earn your trust and readiness to change something within yourself, instead of pointing fingers, for the sake of the big picture of people’s wellbeing and the organization's success. Leaders and managers have to actively approach me when they are ready. So, it has been a process to “wait” for the first assignment. Now I know better.  
What is something people might not know about your business?
You won’t find cookie-cutter programs with my services. Highly individualized approaches are picking everyone up from where they are. 
Especially now, in the new post-COVID work environments, it is essential to educate leaders to keep up with competition. We are confronted with a new normal with new ways of leading and this transition is more challenging than people think. I want to help new and experienced leaders – whether starting their job or willing to change - to get the grip they need to contribute to creating a workplace that people love to be in. 
In my international activities, I have recently worked with a young leader in Europe BEFORE she entered her first management position up to the point of her operating until she felt comfortable to walk her leadership path by herself.
What are you looking forward to/planning for the future?
I am sure that leaders with a growth-mindset are going to see the value and importance in working with someone that makes them better understand, develop and maintain the dynamic of a positive company culture and the importance of employee experience and their wellbeing for engagement, and, with that, the overall healthier work environments for better outcomes. It is in the leadership’s hands.
I look forward to contributing to the “becoming” of some great leaders of tomorrow with my increasing content for educational institutions, and individual third-party management trainings within organizations.
Exciting exchanges over coffee, a glass of wine or virtual is what I am always looking forward to.
So, I am happy to connect, if someone who reads this is eager to hear more or to just connect and have a chat. Until then feel free to browse around on my website.