Recently, we spoke with new member Monde Janzen, Owner / Operator of Janzen Garlic Acres Inc., a family owned garlic farm, and children's themed farm in Kelowna, BC. Their gourmet garlic is grown with no pesticides using eco-friendly methods that have least impact on our environment.

How did Janzen Garlic Acres come to be?

Janzen Garlic Acres started as a family farm in 1973; the interest in garlic came in 2014 after my agricultural studies at University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). Local food security and poverty reduction by 2050 was our goal. When we moved to Kelowna we decided to include kids activities to create a safe natural outdoor space.

What is something people might not know about your business?

We have a multicultural family. I grew up in Zambia in Africa. My husband grew up in Abbotsford. We share 3 boys and 2 girls between the ages of 1 year to 10 years old. Raising the children has helped us see why community is important and this is one of the core values we incorporated into the business of the farm. We encourage more people, groups, schools, and daycare centres to come and enjoy a community centered experience on the farm. Even in recent times we still encourage community building by allowing groups of kids, family and friends to come learn and have fun in a safe, spacious natural environment.

What is something that was important to you as a core value when you started the business?

Our passion for community drives us to create a family theme farm because we know going forward as our family grows we can work together to pursue our passions. We are interested in tackling food scarcity especially at a local level. This is a great reason to set up a working farm in the city and to encourage young people to get involved in farming.

What is on the horizon for the future of Janzen Garlic Acres?

To increase farming education for people of all ages especially young people. We will be happy with our accomplishment if we see more young people engaged in agricultural activities and when we see each family has a garden, or chicken coop in their backyard.