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Aug 20, 2014

Kelowna Women’s Leadership Network of The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce


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8/20/2014 Media Releases
Kelowna Women’s Leadership Network of The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

Women in executive positions have a new opportunity to meet, grow their networks and promote the success of other female colleagues.

In the spring of 2014, a steering committee of twenty executive women created the Kelowna Women’s Leadership Network. This program is a new one for the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, recognizing this growing demographic in their membership and the need to facilitate opportunities to support women in leadership roles.

“Many of us working in Kelowna have been reaching out to welcome newly arrived female senior executives. We quickly realized our numbers were increasing and how important this peer support can be.” states Sherry Chapman, Chair of the Women’s Leadership Network of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. “ Many women work as the sole female on senior exec teams or in industries still very male dominated. It is extremely helpful to have a quiet chat with someone who understands some of your unique situations.”

The Mission and Purpose statements summarize the intent of this new group to support and strengthen the community of women’s leaders in the Central Okanagan. This pre-eminent group of women in leadership combine their resources and support to further the advancement of women in leadership in the community.

Women interested in joining the Leadership Network will value and promote women’s
career success and advancement, the company of stimulating women, supporting women in leadership roles as well as sharing ideas, interests, and fun through social interaction and events. The events are varied, from small discussions to featured inspirational speaker dinners.
Membership is intended for senior executives who have earned and are currently holding positions such as a Director, Vice President, Partner, or the C-suite level of organizations. Details can be found on the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce website www.kelownchamber.org/women

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce CEO, Caroline Grover caroline@kelownachamber.org or 250 469-7356