Recognition is the art of actively looking for efforts that make a difference every day.


Our inspiring Top 40 Honourees, whether Over 40 or Under 40, are forces to be reckoned with and their contributions to the community deserve to be recognized. 

The Top 40 program, presented by BDO, celebrates remarkable individuals in our community. Partnering with the Daily Courier, the Okanagan Edge, and Bell Media, the Kelowna Chamber highlights someone new each week from September to June, alternating each year between Over 40 and Under 40 Honourees.

Nominations are now closed for the Top 40 Under 40 program. New program announced Summer 2018.


What we are looking for:

We want to encourage and foster leaders by showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of individuals and the contributions being made in our community. Individuals with remarkable accomplishments and who have had a significant impact on the landscape of the Okanagan are exactly what we are looking for.

Individuals’ contributions could include, but are not limited to: business success, entrepreneurship and/or innovation, social advocacy, environmental impact, political, legal or governmental affairs, cultural achievement, academic achievement, scientific or technological advancement, medical innovation, and volunteerism. These community members will be selected through a nomination process administered by the Kelowna Chamber.

How nominations are selected:

Nominations are reviewed by a committee of local leaders and business professionals. The committee selects nominees that have demonstrated an ability and eagerness to contribute to our vibrant Central Okanagan community.

Where the Top 40 is featured:

The Top 40 features are published each Wednesday in the Daily Courier. 

Click below to view our past Honourees. 

Top 40 Over 40  Top 40 Under 40