"In the spring of 2014, a steering committee of twenty executive women created the Kelowna Women's Leadership Network. I am delighted to Chair this new program offered through the Chamber that provides a valuable opportunity for executive women to meet, learn from each other, and offer support to this growing community of leaders. The Women's Leadership Network of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce will support and strengthen the community of women's leaders in the Central Okanagan. This preeminent group of women in leadership combines their resources and support to further the advancement of women in leadership in the community. If you would like further information, please contact me."
Martine Hickman, Chair

We are executive women who value and promote:
  • Career success and advancement
  • The company of stimulating women
  • Women in leadership roles
  • Sharing our knowledge with others through advocacy and networking
  • Development of women in leadership positions
  • The influence of women
  • Sharing ideas, interests, and fun through social interaction and events
The Women's Leadership Network aims to connect women in leadership positions with other likeminded individuals through two streams.
  1. Women’s Leadership Network Steering Committee
  2. Mentorship, storytelling, and idea sharing

WLN Steering Committee

Our WLN Steering Committee is the perfect fit for female executive officers, or upper level leaders, who are looking to connect with their peers.

Membership Requirements

Membership is intended for senior executives who have earned and are currently holding positions such as a Director, Vice President, Partner, or the C-suite level of organizations with more than 8 employees or $1 million in revenues and at least 10 years' experience in their chosen field.  Individuals may qualify if they have held a senior executive position within the five (5) years prior to the date of application. Individuals who agree to uphold the purpose of the Women's Leadership Network, and whose firm is a current member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, may apply to be members of the Women's Leadership Network. 

To apply to be a member of the WLN, please contact us

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As a member of The WLN Steering Committee you will experience...

Enrichment & Lifelong Learning

Meet interesting women with diverse backgrounds from around the Okanagan Valley.  Speakers, dialogues, lectures and social events are being planned to offer a broad range of appeal.

Peer Support & Relationship Development

Interact with women who are open and interested in sharing business experiences.  Attend social activities held throughout the year to meet and mingle with one another, and host colleagues, clients, and friends at special events.  Participate in interest groups and committees to share and enjoy the stimulating ideas of others.


This is the common ground for coming together. Getting together in intimate group sizes with a confidential peer to peer opportunity to learn, share, and support executive women in their career path is good for more than just business.


We are entrepreneurs, business leaders, executive directors, presidents, artists, professionals, and volunteers. Relationships are likely to develop that may foster business; however this is not the primary purpose of the WLN.

Committee Activities

Committees provide opportunities to be involved with smaller groups.  The committees take on roles such as to enact governance, to plan and present programs, to study and act on issues that may include education, mentorship, and status of women. In a guilt-free atmosphere, members become engaged when and where they can.


Confidentiality is highly valued and members must agree to the conditions and sign a confidentiality agreement. A breach can result in immediate expulsion from the Network.

Mentorship, Storytelling and Idea Sharing:

We want to support women at all stages of leadership, and by tapping into the expertise of our steering committee, we are able to do so extremely well.

Through different events, mentoring activities, and storytelling piece, we showcase the experience of women leaders, the challenges they’ve faced, and the remarkable journeys that so many women both in the Okanagan Valley and beyond have experienced.

Network, share ideas, and make lasting connections with other leaders in our community - and have some fun while doing it.  

Some of these events and activities include:

Thank you to the following supporters and sponsors of the Women's Leadership Network!