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Advertise With Us in 2016


Place your business message on our upper left rotating ad block

Great for event messages, limited time specials, new business awareness

  • All web ads are “live-linked” to your choice of your own website, URL landing page or Facebook page
  • Chamber website has 11,000 pages of content where your ad will appear
  • Average hits/week: 2,300
  • Average rate of new site visitors: 64%

Ad Size: 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall
  JPEG, colour
Advertiser supplies to Chamber
  Advertiser gets report on ad hits
Cost: $350/month

Your ad looks like this on Chamber pages:  http://www.kelownachamber.org/ 
(Size shown here is smaller than actual page/ad size)

The Kelowna Chamber publishes its popular eNewsletter 25 times a year biweekly. 


eNewsletters are sent to everyone who subscribes online, in addition to our 1,300 members. Currently, our subscription list numbers about 4,500 businesses. Our “open rate” (how many recipients click open their “Connections”) averages 35-40%, or about 1800 readers every other week. 

The eNewsletter advertising is effective, low cost, and may be repeated throughout the year. An eNewsletter can be several pages in length, but looks like this (from the top). Again, we have reduced the page size to fit here:

Ad Size: 360 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall
JPEG, colour
Advertiser supplies to Chamber
Advertiser gets report on ad hits
$225 – “Top Position” – First ad on the page located under the Chamber welcome
$175 – “Body Position” - Located within the editorial copy

Advertisers must provide ad copy in provided dimensions. If we create the ad for you, an additional charge of $75 applies. 

Non-members: Rates available at a 15% premium. All advertising must be paid for prior to ads running. 
Members: You qualify for a $50 ad credit every year. Be sure to ask for it! (Not available for not-for-profit memberships)


Mobile ads are the fastest growing ad format on the web - out in front of searches and videos. The Chamber has an unbeatable rate for this hot market - $50 per ad, per month - and not only is that 24/7, but the viewership is expanding rapidly. These big ads are 300 pixels wide by 50 pixels deep, full colour, and of course, "live click" to your website or Facebook page. Nearly 10% of all hits on the Chamber website are on mobile devices - average 500/month & rising.

For any questions regarding advertising, contact:

Caroline Miller