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Board of Directors

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Call for applications for Board Directors to serve for our 2015/2016 Term is now closed and the election is underway! Read on to learn about the candidates. 


Una Gabie, Touchstone  
   Law Group LLP  
         Dustin Serviss, Serviss      
          Wealth Management
       Brad Field, PRE Labs      

Brian Bonsma*, Speedpro         Alexandra Babbel, Opera          Tom Dyas*, TD Benefits
             Signs                                       Kelowna

Angela Nagy, GreenStep           Sonja Riediger, Honka                 Angela McManus, 
       Solutions Inc.                                 Homes                              The Vibrant Vine

   Al Hildebrandt, QHR              Stuart Grant, MNP LLP
     Technologies Inc.


Why do you want to be a board member with our Chamber?

Una Gabie: 
 I feel that the Chamber is an invaluable organization to the economic and business development and success of Kelowna as a City.

As a small business owner located in Kelowna, I regularly see the benefits that the Chamber provides to the business community and would like to use some of my time and effort to help further the goals of the Chamber.

Dustin Serviss: I want to positively impact the community. I have the time, energy, experience, and connections to be a valuable asset to the Kelowna Chamber. Helping local business owners overcome obstacles and show growth is something I do for a living, day in and day out.

Brad Field: Throughout my business career in Kelowna I have been a member of the Chamber but I have not had the opportunity to apply to join the Board. I feel that my extensive business and community experience would be an asset to the organization and the community it serves. 

Brian Bonsma: As a business owner in Kelowna and a long time member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce it has always been my goal to give back to the community and specifically organizations that focus on fostering a strong local economy. Working with the Chamber to help all its members is the perfect vehicle to accomplish that goal.

Alexandra Babbel: Over the past twenty years my company has offered performances and concerts to Classical music lovers in the Okanagan. Increasingly, the noticeable positive change and growth in demographics has opened the market for a fully professional opera company. The results have been sold-out audiences and enthusiastic ovation. Our city has become more diverse and infused with individuals from larger cultural centers who enjoy opera. As founder and artistic director of Opera Kelowna business partners and sponsorships have been a strategic component of our success. A healthy business community can be measured by its support of the arts and, perhaps more importantly, the arts are very good for business. This is a manifested fact in the history of my company. Through the continued presentation of a high-quality product my team impacts our region economically, culturally and socially. By bringing the best artistic expression to our city we will project quality and excellence in the business and tourism sector.

Tom Dyas: I feel that having the Chamber of Commerce as a voice for small business is extremely invaluable. The advocacy, networking opportunities, and peace of mind that dealing with other business people through the Chamber can provide creates a huge advantage for other businesses.

Angela Nagy: I have been a member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce since I first started my business (originally as Tigress Ventures Inc.), and have benefitted from the volunteering and networking, as well as the speakers, awards and other learning/growth opportunities the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce has made possible. I’m at a point in my business, where, while I will always be learning, I have gained experience and insight that I would like to give back to the business community as a member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Board.

Sonja Riediger: It is very important to me to encourage fellow business owner/people to network ... talk to each other, support each other and get good business moving. I would like to spread the word about all the good things to be done in the chamber environment and would lead by example, and to encourage business to join "forces" and everybody gains from it.

Angela McManus: As a marketing professional, I’ve actively participated in the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce for over a decade through my management positions with local wineries to engage these businesses in Chamber events and programs including: networking, awards and advertising.  I’m directly aware of Chamber’s many benefits to our business community and have always been a strong advocate for Chamber. An active and thriving Chamber of Commerce is valuable to ensuring that our business community is connected, engaged and progressive.  As a business person with a background in corporate-community relations and a proud citizen of Kelowna, I welcome the opportunity to utilize my twenty-four years of marketing, communications and business expertise to benefit Chamber and its members to ensure a vibrant and healthy business community for Kelowna.

Al Hildebrandt: My companies have been Kelowna Chamber members for many years. I have seen the great work that the Kelowna Chamber leadership and their directors have done for the benefit of Kelowna and our province. My work now affords more flexible time in Kelowna. If I'm able to join the Directors, I would like to serve our business community as a new director. Of particular personal interest is to help the overall technology sector grow, and help build this important segment of our business community.

Stuart Grant: I see the Chamber as a vehicle through which I can positively impact entrepreneurs and business owners in the Kelowna business community. In growing my career I have benefitted from the invaluable networking opportunities provided by the Chamber. I believe that a strong Chamber is essential in growing the business community within Kelowna and helping to improve our economy for the generations of tomorrow. Having been born and raised in Kelowna I have recognized that to keep people here requires a strong business community. I welcome the opportunity to apply my skills to support an organization that has such a positive economic, developmental and social impact on the community that it serves. I also look forward to encouraging the involvement of other young professionals as I believe that planning for the future means developing a strong base today.

Please detail your experience in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Community Involvement, Business Planning (finance, strategic and long term planning)

Una Gabie: 
 I have maintained involvement in various organizations during my tenure in Kelowna including non-profit and industry relevant groups and organizations both at a membership level as well as on a governance level. In many of these roles, I engaged in business planning and leadership related tasks.

My business leadership experience primarily arose during the last two years of my life which have been spent establishing and building a law firm in Kelowna. This process has involved both short term and long term business and strategic planning. 

 Dustin Serviss: I have interest in solving problems and connecting with people. Whether I am managing my business, running monthly mastermind meetings or captaining sports teams, I have always strived to understand people’s unique abilities and apply them where appropriate to achieve a set objective. 

In my wealth management practice, we are compiling all the financial and emotions parts of a wealthy family’s situation, working with them to understand what they are trying to achieve and then we are giving them a plan to follow with key indicators to measure progress. The designations I hold are both premier planning designations that have educated me on not only the facts of tax and law as it applies to finance, but also the outside-the-box creative thinking one needs to survive in today’s economy.

My leadership experiences include coaching financial advisors and organizing the 2013 Advocis Eduvacation school for financial advisors.  I support local charities including The Women’s shelter, KSS scholarships, Junior Achievement, Dragons Den Judging, the Glenmore Business Group, Rotary’s Christmas light up, KGH foundation, Kelowna Toastmasters and Central Okanagan Search and Rescue.  In 2013/14 Serviss Wealth Management hosted 12 events for my clients, friends and the whole community.

Brad Field:
I have lived in Kelowna since 1981 and have been an active member of the community
in the areas of Leadership, throughout that time. My involvement has included volunteering on various Boards including ; Communication, Community Director - COEDC on three occasions; Director - Kelowna Womens Shelter; Director - Involvement, Business Planning Cops for Kids; Director - SI. John Ambulance Executive Committee; (finance, strategic and long Steward - Okanagan Partnership. My business experience as Founder/CEO of Pacific Safety term planning) Products Inc. VP of ArmorWorks Canada and Founder/CEO of PRE Labs Canada has provided me with extensive experience in business and strategic planning finance and leadership.

Brian Bonsma: I have been an entrepreneur in various businesses since 1980 and have always participated in any industry specific , member driven associations. I have served on the boards of  the Insurance Brokers Association of Brampton (Past President), The Heart and Stroke Foundation  and other less noteable groups and committees. As a business coach I helped other business owners develop strategies and plans to grow their businesses.

Alexandra Babbel:
 While pursuing my doctorate degree at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illionois, I held a sales position at Neiman Markus (Northbrook Court) and, within a few months, became the top sale person in my department. After six months I was promoted to the Neiman Markus Executive Office where my duties included administration and customer relations which involved diffusing disgruntled customers in which, I have been told, I have particular prowess. As owner and operator of Alexandra Babbel Studios for the past 20 years and now founder, managing and artistic director of a fully professional Opera Company in Kelowna, I feel confident that my business and artistic leadership show evidence of my eligibility.

Tom Dyas: I have been in individual business for over 30 years, and have been involved in and sponsored several Chamber of Commerce events in Whistler, Squamish, North Vancouver and throughout the Okanagan region. I have proudly served as a member of the Board since 2010.

Angela Nagy: Angela is a business professional with an eighteen-year background in project management, sales, business development, marketing, communications and public relations. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, and North America, working with all levels of business, non-profits, as well as all levels of government, managing a variety of engineering, energy efficiency, and environmental projects.
She has co-founded two non-profit societies, started and grown a successful business, and has served as a Kelowna City Councillor and Regional District Director, gaining valuable insight and experience into local government, and a unique cross-sector perspective.

These roles have been purposefully sought out of a desire to make our community, and our world, a better place.

Angela has nine years experience in seeking and securing financing for two companies, preparing detailed financial projections, business plans and offering memorandums, all of which required both short and long term strategies and milestones to be developed, implemented and communicated to a wide range of stakeholders including potential investors, shareholders, government and the public.  

2014 Nominee, Kelowna Top Forty Under 40, BDO
2014 Winner, Eco-Star Innovation Award, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
2014 Winner, Top Presenter, Venture Okanagan Investors Forum
2013 Finalist, Green Innovator Award, Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
2012 Winner, Most Environmentally Dedicated Individual, Mayor's Environmental Achievement Awards
2011 Recipient, Conservation Leadership Award, FortisBC PowerSense
Sonja Riediger: Finances and Numbers are no strangers to me. I completed a diploma in business and banking (Major: Finance) in Germany, was a Sales Manager with Sharp Electronics (leading High Tech company) for 12 years, responsible for sales/marketing, set up distributor net and high profile customer accounts. In 2002 I immigrated to Canada and started my own business: importing clay roof tiles. In this role 1 did work in all aspects of a small business, so 1 know a lot of the ins and outs, the joy and the hurts. Since September 2014 I am working as Chief Operating Officer for Honka Homes Canada Inc, a supplier of solid wood homes/structures. I am responsible for logistics,marketing and sales among other things of daily business. I am very passionate about all things I do.

Angela McManus: My leadership, communications and business/community experiences were developed during key posts with The Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club (Director of The Leafs Fund; Manager of Community Relations) and Marketing Director with/Consultant to several leading Okanagan estate wineries. In all roles I’ve been instrumental to: managing strategic marketing and business plans, leading community engagement activities, managing budgets, pioneering new events/partnerships/programs, growing brands and enhancing profitability while connecting these businesses directly to the community through stakeholder engagement and philanthropic activity.  My career is punctuated with extensive volunteer involvement at the board level (Kelowna Rotary Centre for the Arts, Tourism Kelowna, BC Wine Institute) in addition to work with numerous Kelowna and Toronto-based charitable organizations. (Education: B.A Sc. Consumer Studies University of Guelph; Corporate Community Relations, Boston College; Leadership Studies, Schulich School of Business.)

Al Hildebrandt: I've been involved in building technology companies for the past two decades, and have grown one of Kelowna's larger technology companies. I'm well versed with financials,corporate governance and building a business from the ground up.

Stuart Grant: As an Assurance Manager at MNP LLP, I strive to provide leadership and guidance to both staff members and clients. On a daily basis I work with teams of different individuals with different skill sets that come together to accomplish a common goal and provide value to our clients.
Throughout my university career, I was heavily involved with Enactus (formerly SIFE). Through this organization I was able to help facilitate the education. growth and success of local entrepreneurs.
As a Member of the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Okanagan Chapter Board, I have been able to gain valuable experience as we transition through the first year after the merger of the CA, CMA, and CGA designations. This experience has helped me grow as we work together to meld our different experiences in order to provide the greatest benefit for our unified member base.

Have you volunteered with the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Previously?

Una Gabie: 
I am currently involved with the Women's Leadership Network with the Chamber and have put my name forward to assist with the Launch Students into Business program.

Dustin Serviss: I held a 2 year position with the Kelowna Chamber as a new member Ambassador.

Brad Field: No, this would be my first time volunteering for the Chamber.

Brian Bonsma: I am a Current Director.

Alexandra Babbel: Yes, it was my pleasure to address the Chamber after-hours community speaking on the subject of my upcoming performance of the "Four Last Songs" by Richard Strauss with the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. I also performed for the group at that time.

Tom Dyas: I have been a Director of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce for 5 years, and also chair the Federal & Provincial City Committee, as well as sit on the Governance Committee.

Angela Nagy: Yes. I previously sat on the sustainability sub-committee (prior to 2008) that worked with SIFE Okanagan to develop the Green Business Awards, which have now become part of the Business Excellence Awards, which I wholeheartedly agree with and support.

Sonja Riediger: Currently sit on the Federal Policy Committee.

Angela McManus: I offered volunteer service to Kelowna Chamber’s 2014 Annual Golf Event . I’ve also engaged local wineries to donate services to the Canadian Chambers Conference hosted by Kelowna Chamber and as well as other Chamber events.

Al Hildebrandt: No.

Stuart Grant: I have held a position with the Kelowna Chamber as a New Member Ambassador for just over a year.

2014/2015 Executive Committee


Curtis Darmohray
Pushor Mitchell LLP


Executive Vice-President
Ken Carmichael

Tom Dyas
TD Benefits


 Carmen Sparg
Carmen Sparg
Total Office

Gladys Fraser

Past President
Dave Bond
KPMG LLP Chartered Accountants

2014/2015 Directors

Peter Angle
Peter Angle
Bell Media 

Brian Bonsma
Speedpro Signs

Sherri Chapman
Platinum Personnel & Business Services Inc.

 Ben Pidskalny
Ben Pidskalny
SW Audio Visual


Jeff Robinson
Rush Ihas Hardwick LLP

Jon Summerland
Okanagan Film Commision


Martine Hickman
Business Development Bank of Canada

Donna Markin
Orchard Park Shopping Centre


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